What does my smart phone know about me? (And what do I know about it?)

As a Certified Computer Examiner, and a Mobile Certified Examiner, I have the opportunity to look into all kinds of devices looking for information which is responsive to a subpoena and has probative value.  I tend to forget that most folks don’t realize what is in their device.  I was asked to look at a website today to determine if I could tell when it was accessed and by whom.  Simple enough – I went to the access logs of the site, and found exactly what I was looking for.  Well, that seems straight forward enough, doesn’t it ?

I was a little surprised at the reaction of the attorney I was working with, until I realized that most folks don’t know what information that their Smart Phone is willing to give up.

I was able to tell the attorney :

  1. What type of phone the user had
  2. What browser they were using
  3. What they searched on their telephone to find the website in question
  4. and their GPS co-ordinates when the request was made.

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